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14 MINUTES TO SAVE THE WORLD SHOW STOPPERS BY MARTIN GREEN BY MARTIN GREEN Devilishly debonair BOOGALOO STU director, writer and Pop Magic! producer Nathan Evans Boogaloo Stu, night club host and flamboyant part-time returns to the Soho pop-star is the bouffant brains behind brand new light Theatre with his latest entertainment show Pop Magic! The Shinky Shonky Showman combines cabaret, chart hit’s galore and audience show; a conceptual participation with cutting edge recording techniques and collaborative creative social network platforms to create a pop music sensation! collision of cabaret, art and film. In just one hour, audience members are given the opportunity to collectively write, record and produce theirFeaturing performances from three of very own single complete with an accompanying lip-synchthe most daring darlings of the English video. As the fledgling Chicken Shed style ensemble workunderground. Avant Guardian Angel, at creating a chart topper, Stu reveals the glittering highspainter and Beige icon David Hoyle, and barrel scraping lows of his own career and how popthe reigning Alternative Miss World, music produced in him an unstoppable desire to perform.petite performance artist Fancy Amongst all the creative shenanigans, there is anChance and Eco Worrier, the bearded added bonus of frivolity, as the delightful dance troupeand bouffant bingo caller Timberlina. ‘Sparklemotion Showponies’ take to the stage to perform PENNY ARCADE a rousing routine. When the pop video is complete, it will Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore!Each of these subversive Superheroes be promptly edited and uploaded to the internet; so withinhas just fourteen minutes in which to hours the participating audience can watch, download and The Warholian Queen of the New York Undergroundsave the planet. How will they do it? share the results across a multitude of social media. returns to London to unveil her latest show aiming toWill they turn up? Or will they just So, guys and gals, get ready for a possible Facebook send audiences into a frenzy of orgasmic energy with herwatch the impending apocalypse on phenomenon, Boogaloo Stu’s Pop Music Show promises to uncompromising celebration of Sex, Freedom and Art.Youtube? The event, has an added be a gut-busting, wig-wobbling and knee-trembling DIY The event promises to be part theatre, part cabaret and partthrill, it features cinematic entr’actes Version of the X-Factor. nightclub with male and female go-go dancers punctuatingcreated by the theatrical radical of Mr Simon Cowell will soon be shaking in his slacks. her ribald rhetoric. Penny’s infamous monologues blendthe legendary Bloolips, actor and outrageous humour with razor sharp satire, as she talksraconteur Bette Bourne. Alongside Pop Magic! Tour dates 28 April - 20 July about her extraordinary life.Bette’s filmed observations there will Latitude Festival 12 - 15 July Working as a receptionist in a brothel, she grew upbe work by fledgling Video Anti-Hero amongst the burgeoning gay scene as a bona fide, cardKate Pelling. carrying ‘faghag’, she hung and swung with the Warhol set and became great friends with resident alien QuentinNathan Evans claims the show’s Crisp, who once declared that Penny was the woman withconcept was partly inspired by the whom he most identified. Being such an important part ofcult movie Flash Gordon. “I came Crisp’s life, her character appeared in his biographical film,up with the idea for this project ‘An Englishman in New York’, portrayed by ‘Sex and thewhen I discovered the TED Talks, City’ star, Cynthia Nixon.which challenge the world’s ‘inspired But, Penny’s show is not all camp recollections andthinkers’ give the ‘talk of their lives’ in confrontation, her accounts of the heartbreaking hell of aeighteen minutes. I was seeking a way New York devastated by HIV and Aids gives the performanceto give artists a guiding time frame a moving resonance.and concept to produce a performancewhen Dale Arden’s voice popped into Arriving in London this summer, following an internationalmy head hollering ‘Flash! I love you tour, ‘Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore!’ has achieved greatbut we only have fourteen hours to critical success since first opening in New York. Due to itssave the earth!’ and I had it.” anarchic attitude, the show has acquired a growing army of delinquent devotees, including John Waters, Debbie Harry,With such a controversial collection Marianne Faithful and Joan Rivers, who can occasionallyof talent on display the auditorium be seen spending their time and their pocket money,should be buzzing with more rebelliously hanging out in Penny’s Arcade.dangerous electricity than a smallplanet being blasted by Ming the PHOTOGRAPH: JUSTIN DAVID Presented as part of CREATE – A festival for the fiveMerciless’s Death Ray. London Boroughs hosting the 2012 Games; and World Pride 2012,I LOVE YOU BUT WE ONLYHAVE 14 MINUTES TO SAVE Arcola Tent, Ashwin Street, Dalston, E8 3DLTHE EARTH Wednesday - Saturday 7:30pm, Sun 5.00pm 27 June - 22 July 20124-7 July, Soho Theatre, London www.arcolatheatre.comW W W. B E I G E U K . C O M 87 B E I G E