PITANGO: Spokes with style for the upwardly mobile!

Traveling around the metropolis of London is both stressful and time consuming. We’re all too familiar with tube delays, overcrowded buses and road traffic, not to mention ticket prices, never-ending queues, angry passengers, rude drivers… the list goes on and on, but how does one navigate the city whilst maintaining an image in a timely manner?

Lately, more and more city dwellers are choosing the best-known alternative: cycling. Riding a bike not only saves money and time, it can also be an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Of course, you already know this, but how about if we told you a bicycle could also be a style choice? No, we’re not suggesting you stick plastic flowers on to the handlebars or spray it with toxic paint, we’re here to tell you about Pitango – a colourful new contrast to the generally dull city bike!

Last Wednesday Pitango, a company founded in Tel Aviv, Israel by three young entrepreneurs, officially launched their brand in London – an innovative new urban bike which offers the style conscious cyclist the chance to have their own bespoke bike in their very own colours. We visited the pop-up shop at Sharps Barbers in the heart of Fitzrovia to see for ourselves.

Sharps Barbers has been the go-to store for everything in men’s grooming for over 20 years – although they prefer to call it ‘prepping’ – and their new, larger store on Windmill Street made the perfect showcase for the launch – a 1950’s style “little New York” in the heart of FItzrovia where everyone takes their ‘prepping’ seriously. What better way to prep than to kit yourself out with the perfect fashion accessory-cum-transportation for the summer? Sharps motto is “Guys must be prepared for life!’

Guests were served drinks and canapés, whilst test-riding both the prototypes on display, and also trying out the website, with options to create their Bespoke spokes on-line! The list of punters was impressive – City boys, fashionable hipsters, enthusiastic students, and of course us, the gay media mafia, but all were in agreement – their ride was comfortable, safe and practical whilst maintaining a chic glam image!

You can choose from almost every colour of the rainbow for nearly every part of your bike, beginning with the high quality steel frame in vibrant rainbow shades, then one of three styles of handlebar, before deciding on favourite colour combinations for the bike’s tyres, wheels, chain set, seat and bar tape. You can literally assemble the season’s must-have accessory from scratch! Enjoy the freedom of creating a set of wheels to suit your personality and lifestyle – choose a red bike, select combinations of summery greens and yellows, vivid blues and virginal whites or opt for understated browns, greys and blacks. We loved the stylish brown leather seat, but be careful with your choice – it’s important to colour co-ordinate, and too many choices can result in a garish end product, even for this stylish commodity.

When you’re finally happy with your new creation on-line, just drop it in your basket and proceed to payment. Prices start from £375 (customise the bike for this price and only pay more if you go for advanced technical parts), with guaranteed delivery in five to six working days.

In addition to website and flagship stores around the United Kingdom, Pitango will soon open their workshop in Archway, London, where customers can create their bespoke bike with the assistance of professional advisers.

So why not pop down, take advantage of Pitango’s and Sharps’ style advice and get yourself kitted out and mobile for the summer.

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Sharps Barber and Shop
9 Windmill Street

Words: Cameron Yorke

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