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New Music City: An AllSaints Film

AllSaints Film

To highlight its continuing commitment to creative innovation and exclusive content, AllSaints has launched its own film division, AllSaints Film.

AllSaints Film will deliver multiple projects each year, exploring everything from music, style and street documentaries to cutting-edge moving image installations, all under the creative supervision of the brand’s creative director, Wil Beedle.

“Film is perhaps the most exciting and accessible medium with which to capture the spirit of the AllSaints DNA – creativity, attitude, inviduality,” says Beedle. “We can’t wait to share the exclusive content we’re creating with our ever-growing global community.”

AllSaints Film’s debut release is New Music City, a documentary about the burgeoning Nashville music scene. Focusing on the Kings of Leons’ independent record label Serpents and Snakes, the film captures the unique spirit that’s transforming Nashville’s rich cultural heritage into today’s go-to destination for exciting new music.

Featuring exclusive interviews with Kings Of Leon discussing the history, inception and inspiration behind Serpents and Snakes, with live performances from the AllSaints / Serpents And Snakes showcase at this year’s SXSW, and highlights Serpents and Snakes’ roster of Nashville based bands such as The Weeks, The Features, Clear Plastic Masks and Turbo Fruits.

It’s fair to say that Nashville’s bands have more attitude, spirit and facial hair than their counterparts around the US.


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