Amy Zing from Sink The Pink says more SPACE FOR CYCLING!

Space For Cycling

Those who know me know that I am an active cyclist – I even had a colourful Sink The Pink bike ride for my birthday that ended up getting a mention in i-D Online!

Recently I attended a peaceful protest ride for the THIRD cyclist killed on London roads in as many weeks. It was clear that I am not alone in passionately feeling that we need to go Dutch! Bike lanes in many other major cities around the world are given top priority, yet here in London all we get is some blue paint!

The London Cycling Campaign has loads of information on taking steps towards getting this essential message to the people who can make a change.

We can’t make change unless we all make change, if you know what I mean!

Start the change by signing the Go Dutch campaign: sign-go-dutch-petition

BIG BIKE LOVE and stay safe!

Amy X X X

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