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Extreme Flamenco Hits London

Los Vivancos are seven seductive brothers from Spain who danced what they call “extreme flamenco” last night at the iconic London Coliseum.

The seven men have created a modern take on the traditional flamenco dance from Andalusia, fusing classical ballet, contemporary dance, martial arts, and tap for a physically taxing and visually appealing stage production.


Last night, the band of brothers dubbed by Spanish newspaper El País as “profane angels” stomped their way through story lines depicting battles between good and evil. Meanwhile, the seven women who form the Maszka Band from Budapest helped set the tempo for the flamenco-inspired show.

While those inexperienced with flamenco may not pick up the subtle changes in the powerful music, there is no denying the physical and creative abilities of Elías, Judah, Josua, Cristo, Israel, Aarón and Josué.


The macho attitude that comes with dancing flamenco well blended perfectly with modern choreography and Los Vivancos’ brotherly love.

The only time you take your eyes off their feet is to fixate on the sweat dripping from their faces, or their sinewy torsos toward the end of the show when they perform topless so you can really see the effort behind their gruelling dance moves.

Each brother has his own time in the spotlight to showcase his creative abilities, whether they be playing the violin while doing the splits elevated in mid-air or performing acrobatics on the cajón, a wooden box that produces a guttural tribal beat integral to the sound of flamenco.


Since launching Los Vivancos dance company launched in 2006, the hunky brood who Giorgio Armani calls “innovative, ground-breaking, and fresh” have gone on to perform their exhilarating choreography and musical compositions in 35 countries around the world.

Here’s to hoping they make it back to the UK again for an encore.

Words: Jean Paul Zapata

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