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Lee Roach Keeps It Simple And Minimalistic For SS14

Lee Roach SS14

As usual, Lee Roach kept it simple and minimalistic for his SS14 collection and created a wearable line that combined innovation with commercial value.

Lee Roach SS14 Lee Roach SS14

The colour palette was made up exclusively of black, beige, really dark navy, only two patches of white in the entire collection and a desert camouflage print. The collection featured long, slim-fit trousers, casual and smart jackets, coats and long-sleeved as well as sleeveless t-shirts. Some of Roach’s jackets and suit jackets were fastened with black straps, casually worn around the waist and accompanied by baseball caps, apron-like accessories with fanny pack fastening and sturdy bags. Some innovative cuts combined with the minimal colours, the camouflage print, the sturdy material and the straps communicate a very modern sense of practicality combined with style and strength.

Lee Roach SS14 Lee Roach SS14Lee Roach SS14

Roach clearly referenced traditional masculinity in his collection. Simple taste, practical thinking, a strong soldier and fighter… The Lee Roach man of SS14 is classically masculine, but managed the jump into the 21st century and goes for a modern and crisp style.

Lee Roach SS14 Lee Roach SS14

Words: Arndt Stobba

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