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I Want Your Love This Weekend!

Pride hits London this weekend and to coincide with the ‘Love (And Marriage)’ theme Peccadillo Pictures have organised a special series of screenings of I Want Your Love at Curzon Soho and the ICA.

The hotly anticipated debut feature film from director Travis Mathews (INTERIOR: LEATHER BAR) is a bold and unflinching look at gay relationships among a group of San Francisco friends, which includes scenes of real sex, striking controversy amongst global film censors, including Australia where the film was banned. The UK release is completely uncut for audiences and we praise the BBFC for passing the film, realising the importance of getting this film on screen and changing perceptions of sexuality in cinema.

I Want Your Love was reviewed in the DVD section of our summer issue, in which Ian MacMillan commented “The cinematic palette of I Want Your Love is a kind of top-shelf Cassavetes – a beautifully photographed, claustrophobic, psychological character study laced with explicit sex.”

Also, Curzon Home Cinema have partnered with Peccadillo to bring an exclusive season of features and short films, solely running on the platform from Friday 28 June to Monday 29 July, titled “The Queerest Tales Ever Told”. The season is to mark the cinema release of I WANT YOUR LOVE, where it will be available to stream from 28 June.

I Want Your Love screens at Curzon Soho and the ICA over London Pride weekend.

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