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The New Generation In Anti-Aging Treatments for Men

The New Generation In Anti-Aging Treatments for Men

Being a gay gentleman of a certain age, and having grown up in the baking sun of Australia and New Zealand, you can be fairly sure that I have tried more than a few ideas to keep myself looking young and pretty, or failing that, at least to prevent this old dial from looking like a worn out old boot.

Oh yes, I’ve had pretty much all of it – Botox, chemical peels, almost every conceivable brand of moisturizer and wrinkle cream known to man, snake serum, human semen derivitives (clinically applied, not organically!), Oxy-jet facials, Laser therapy, you name it, this tired old mug has suffered it. So, it was with not a little amount of skepticism that I accepted an invitation to Lorena Oberg’s skincare clinic at 1 Harley St.

I took comfort from the fact that this clinic is one of three, with others in Birmingham and Caterham, so surely they must be doing something right, and anyway, as they had generously offered to give me my first treatment gratis, what did I have to lose? Very Basically, the clinics offer skin treatments that stimulate the production of new collagen, either by precision “Needling” or IPL, where light penetrates the skin in order to trigger a healing method to erase stretch marks, scars, spider veins, wrinkles, liver-spots and sun-spots or sun-damaged skin. This is the first treatment of its kind, and can normally be done during a work lunch break – quick and painless at amazingly affordable prices, in most cases lasting considerably longer than Botox and fillers, and without the risk of scary side effects!

I laid back on the treatment bench, donned my dark glasses and settled back to await the results, having previously been treated to the application of numbing cream all over the areas to be attacked! I’d wanted my thread-veins removed on both cheeks – something I’d had lasered a year or so back in France, at a cost of 400euro, but although it had made a huge difference, there were quite a few finer ones which had been missed. I also NEEDED the wrinkles on my forehead removed, and finally after many years working outdoors, I’d picked up a couple of small scars from cuts and scratches out on the farm. I figured I might as well have everything done in the one go, thinking I would probably have to hide for the next week or so, not wanting to venture out in public with a face looking like a Marguerita Pizza!

The results were astonishing! My thread-veins vanished almost immediately, whilst the wrinkles on my forehead – a result of years in the Harsh Australian sun were visibly reduced within 24hours, and will continue to improve, so they tell me, over the next six weeks. The initial application of needling left my forehead looking frighteningly angry and raw, but after the application of Lorena’s unique miracle oil, the redness had decreased within hours, and next morning had almost disappeared, leaving me looking years younger.

Make up can be applied to treated areas within 12 hours of application, producing surprisingly minimal downtime, and the actual treatment was completed in half an hour. I did, however, need to allow a further 30 minutes beforehand for the numbing cream to take effect, making the whole process absolutely painless, to the point where half way through the process, I had to ask her to stop so I could look in the mirror, not believing she had done anything. I would describe it as feeling more like a buzzing sensation, rather like an electric razor.

Having initially found it difficult to believe all the hype behind these clinics, I have to say I am an absolute convert. I would never have thought I could ever have achieved such a great result so quickly and painlessly, but there is even more to the story.

As my wrinkles around the eye region and forehead were particularly deep, Lorena recommended helping them along a little in the repair cycle with the addition of tiny amounts of Botox. This, I was told, would stop the wrinkle regenerating whilst the heeling process from the needling is takes place. Results normally continue to improve over the next three months, so the next step was a visit to Rederm UK. This is run by 2 doctors, who specialize in Botox and fillers, but also in skin re-dermalisation, a new process using a product just released on the British market – HYALUAL. This is a mixture of Hyaluronic acid (The latest craze in skin and beauty treatment), and Succinic acid. Both are compounds that occur naturally in the skin.

How it works is quite remarkable! Hyaluronic acid forms a continuous thin membrane, which retains natural moisture in the skin without disrupting gas exchange with the environment. It also increases the amount of free water in the stratum corneum and helps reduce water evaporation from the skin’s surface. The membrane formed on the skin contributes to a more prolonged action of biologically active substances included in the product, and prevents toxins from the atmosphere effecting the skins surface.

Succinic acid, meanwhile, provides deep cleansing of the skin and enriches it with minerals and oxygen. This also detoxifies it and promotes its rapid regeneration. It strengthens tissue and tightens the skin, renews cells and improves the capillaries’ micro-circulation.

Add hyaluronic acid to Succinic acid and you have HYALUAL DAILY DELUX SPRAY. The Succinic acid returns a healthy lustre to faint, tired looking skin, typical of those who have a chronic lack of oxygen, especially city dwellers, smokers, office workers, and people who work in an air-conditioned environment. It also prevents premature aging of face and neck skin, whilst the Hyaluronic acid in HYALUAL DAILY DELUX moisturises, softens and smooths the skin and provides a lifting effect, and all in a convenient spray application.

For even faster results, Rederm UK also offer a re-dermalisation treatment, where Hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals are injected into the dermis or second layer of skin. This stimulates regeneration of skin cells and improves the skin tone and texture of the face, neck and breast area. Visible results are typically seen with in two days, with skin looking and feeling softer, younger and fresher.

Two months on, and my treatments are complete. My face looks years younger. My wrinkles for the moment are completely vanished (thanks to the Botox) and are likely to be minimal in six months time when the botulism Toxin wears off. My skin feels and looks softer, fresher and younger, and I’m back in the market again ready to for my close up!

1 Harley Street, London W1
51 Croydon road, Caterham, Surrey
Lower level, 82 Smallbrook, Queensway, Birmingham
0800 002 9696

1 Harley Street, London W1

Words: Cameron Yorke

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