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Song Of The Day: Kelly Rowland – Dirty Laundry

Kelly Rowland - Talk A Good Game

Just like the night of Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance, Kelly Rowland is back with a vengeance!

In her latest single ‘Dirty Laundry’ off her new album Talk A Good Game, Ms. Rowland steps out from underneath Beyonce’s shadow and bares her soul to the cyber-world.

Kelly throws down a slow jam, confessing to being caught in a spin cycle over some abusive asshole and her gifted sister. She sings: ‘Bitter-sweet, she was up, I was down. Forget the records, off the record, I was going through some bull-shit.’

‘When you make pain look this good it never wears out…’ Ms. Rowland, if this is torture, chain the Beige Boys to the wall!

Bullett magazine said it best: Kelly Rowland singing ‘let’s do this dirty laundry’ ‘sounds like a chore, but, like most-house cleaning duties, we tend to feel a lot better once we get it out of the way. Except cleaning the toilet, that shit is gross.’

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Words: Jean Paul Zapata

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