Save Union Street!

Union Theatre and Cafe

For anyone who has ever wandered slightly off the beaten Southbank path, The Union Theatre and Cafe offers a welcome haven for a quick cuppa or an evenings entertainment. Sadly, the venue and other small businesses on Union Street in Southwark are under threat of eviction from Network Rail.

RocketVan, The Box Shop, Academy Costumes, Arcadian Carpentry, Millenium Garage and The Bangkok Kitchen are all independent businesses that have been served a three month notice to vacate from their premises. Network Rail wish to turn these properties into yet more offices. Small businesses take years to establish themselves; to nurture their customers and to create employment. Network Rail have given just 12 weeks notice for these companies to leave.

The short film below is by Southwark playwright and film maker Michael Holland.

We like to show our support for a worthy cause when we see one and we want to help fight this decision, allowing this great independent theatre and the other businesses to continue to trade.

Please show your support by signing the online petition HERE

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