Lea T

I consider it a shame that as a South American, I’ve visited every country except Brazil.

For the rainy days in London that I wish I could be in Rio, I click all over www.madeinbrazilblog.com, a visual library of the incredible bodies and flawless faces born in Brazil that grace the pages and catwalks of the world’s top fashion brands.

From Givenchy’s newest male models to the asses flaunted in French Vogue, www.madeinbrazilblog.com makes me proud that I was made somewhere close by.

Eduardo Fiorin by Du Borsatto

Even though transgender model Lea T does things to me that few woman can, my heart has been stolen by Eduardo Fiorin’s shorts, photographed here by Du Borsatto.

Who’s your most favourite talent made in Brazil?

Words: Jean Paul Zapata

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