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Daniel Lismore ‘Climate Revolution Face Of War’ Using Cosmetics à La Carte

Daniel Lismore

Cult beauty brand Cosmetics à La Carte have been celebrating their 40th anniversary this week with a five day exhibition titled ‘Colour and Culture’.

The exhibition, curated by Ryan Lanji, explores the brands history of cosmetic innovation, creativity and cultural significance.

To coincide with the exhibition, which ends today, we invited some guests into the studio to express their creativity using their favourite Cosmetics à La Carte items.

Cosmetics A La Carte

We captured each guest on camera, giving insight into how they create their bold signature looks.

In this instalment Daniel Lismore raises awareness for climate change by demonstrating how to create the powerful ‘Vivienne Westwood Climate Revolution Face of War’..

The ‘Colour and Culture’ exhibition takes place at The Gallery on Redchurch Street from 22 through to 26 May.

For further details about the exhibition:

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