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Video Of The Day: Die Antwoord by Ellen Von Unwerth

Die Antwoord

Frequently controversial, often outspoken and definitely not afraid to p*ss anyone off, Die Antwoord have been taking the musical world by storm with their suggestive lyrics and visually outrageous videos.

Hailing from South Africa they describe themselves as “a fre$, futuristik, flame-throw-flow-freeking, zep rap-rave krew from da dark dangerous depths of Afrika”, the intentional mish-mash use of English and Afrikaans (or Englekaans as it’s known on the streets of South Africa) intentionally plays on stereotypes associated with the local dialect, accents and culture.

Band members Yo-landi Visser and Ninja are the out-there faces of the band, whilst third member DJ Hi-Tek lurks in the background delivering the unmistakable beats. If you haven’t seen their music videos for the likes of debut single ‘Enter The Ninja’ or follow up singles from the 2012 album Tension – ‘I Fink You Freaky’, ‘Baby’s On Fire’ or the latest offering ‘Fatty Boom Boom’, then do yourself a favour and check them out. This does however come with a warning – you may not want to view them mid-office as some eyebrows may be raised, you have been warned!

Today’s Video Of The Day is a stylish short from Ellen Von Unwerth who captured the fiesty band in Paris last year.

Words: Barry Johnston

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