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Peaches At Sundance London

Peaches - Sundance London

Sundance Institute and The O2  has announced Peaches as the first headlining act for the second Sundance London film and music festival, which will also host the UK premiere of Peaches Does Herself.

Musician, DJ, producer and filmmaker Peaches has been captivating and changing the pop culture landscape since the release of her debut album in 2000.

The Teaches of Peaches, was her first breakthrough statement, followed by her second LP, FatherfuckerImpeach my Bush further infused the sexual and political into pop territory.

Peaches’ fourth album, I Feel Cream, cemented her longevity with her biggest evolutionary leap to date.

Over the years, Peaches has built a reputation on her suggestive and intelligent lyrics with her musical and stylistic influences continuing to be seen and heard in artists around the world, from mainstream to underground.

Peaches Does Herself – is directed and written by Peaches. In the film, Peaches follows the advice of an old stripper and makes sexually forthright music.

The electro rock opera chronicles Peaches’ rise to popularity and her love affair with a beautiful she-male that ultimately leads her to realise who she really is.

The film stars Peaches, Danni Daniels, Sandy Kane, Mignon, Sweet Machine Band and Jolly Goods. Sundance London will be the film’s UK Premiere.

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