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No Noise Project at Selfridges

Today’s society is fast pace, stressful and demanding with life travelling at an incredible speed. The No Noise project at Selfridges offers a new meaning to the popular phrase retail therapy. The project celebrates the rebirth of the legendary silence room; an invention by the store’s founder Harry Gordon Selfridge back in 1909. The new room designed by architect Alex Cochrane creates a sanctuary for shoppers to relax and unwind from 21st Century distractions, which are to be declared at the entrance.

No Noise Project At Selfridges

To support the notion of tranquillity and peace, six leading international fashion brands have designed unique limited edition men’s white tees. Using a white colour palette to symbolise purity and calmness, each designer has created individual designs to represent their label. Dries Van Noten has used a subtle, calming camo print, which is visible through light reflection whereas Raf Simons has embossed a bold ‘X’ symbol, which can be read as a no entry sign to stress and high stimulation. Each designer has taken a different interpretation of the No Noise inspiration, leading to the tees becoming a prestigious collector’s item.


No Noise Project At Selfridges

The window display is subtle yet striking with the six T-shirts floating with the help of white balloons, a symbol of harmony and stillness. The backdrop is a clean, beige colour letting the viewer focus solely on the designer tees.
No longer does the retail experience of fighting through crowds, waiting in long queues have to leave you stressed and strained. Take some time out in Selfridges silence room and leave feeling re-energised and stress free.

Window Display - No Noise Project At Selfridges

Words: Amy Bebbington

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