Keep Calm And Support Pride

London Pride will go ahead this year providing that we, as a community, pull together to make it happen.

The new ‘London Community Pride’ organisation have a mountain to climb, not only in organising and running a successful event, but also in swaying public opinion and winning back favour from those who were left high, dry and out of pocket by last year’s scaling back of events at the eleventh hour.

Michael Salter, chairman of the new board, has taken the direct and open policy (a first for a Pride committee) of being upfront about what is happening. He has stated that in order for Pride to take place they have to demonstrate that £430,000 has been raised and that 700 volunteers have been recruited by the end of April. This is to satisfy the various public and private sector businesses that are required to run such a large scale event on the streets of London.

Some gay news outlets, rather than coming out in support of Pride, have chosen to run over-sensationalised, negative headlines stating that pride might be cancelled. This is inaccurate and unhelpful. The more likely reality is that Pride would be scaled back again, but only if the community does not support it.

If Pride was not to take place this year no doubt the finger of blame will point at the new organisation, but in reality that finger should do a 180 degree turn back on ourselves for not supporting the event as much as we should or could have. Further repercussions would be that larger contributors and corporate sponsors would see this as a lack of interest from within the community and pull funding from this and future events.

Your Pride Needs YOU!

It is time to pull together to make Pride happen. It is as simple as donating a few (or more than a few) pounds. In our opinion the far more noble and rewarding thing to do is to volunteer your time and services on the day. There is a lot more at stake here than a fun day out. Pride is the one opportunity we have to stand together and be visible as a united LGBT community from every race and creed. Even if you have no plans on attending Pride still spare a thought and a pound for the greater good.

The Pride Parade will take place on Saturday 29 June 2013.

For more information contact beige@londoncommunitypride.org

or visit www.londoncommunitypride.org

Beige magazine supports pride 2013

Words: Andrew Wilkinson

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