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Beige Recommends: Freakoid at Ovalhouse


Part of Ovalhouse’s 50th anniversary Counterculture 50 season, Emma Adams’ play Freakoid will run in the theatre’s Upstairs space from 19 February – 9 March 2013.

A new commission for Ovalhouse, Freakoid is one woman future-queer love affair with music and a sentient vacuum cleaner—a multimedia show told with great wit and a dusting of filthy but funny words, this wonderful future-tale is written and performed by Emma and has been developed from Ovalhouse and Nightingale’s Mauve New World project in summer 2012.

Somewhere out there in the future a woman called Emma and a sentient vacuum cleaner called Hoover-droid have fallen in love. Their love is true, and beautiful, but it has been banned by a world which believes that machines can never achieve personhood, even if they think, and feel and say they are people.

Four generations later, Emma’s great-granddaughter Emma-4 is struggling to live under the brutal regime of the ‘true-men’ of the ‘second fenced republic’.

When Emma-4 starts to indulge in what she thinks is a bit of harmless genealogy with her friend Mrs P, she finds tapes that recorded the story of her ancestors who fought so bravely for freedom, and she tries to do the same.

But Emma-4 is clumsy, and nervous, and she accidentally leaves the tapes of her great-grandmothers’ illicit love affair with Mrs P, who is found and destroyed by the ‘moral correction unit.’ Surely Emma-4 only has so long before they will come for her too? Or, then again, maybe against all the odds this lone voice of love can find a way to save the day?

A fascinating story, looking at love and hope in the face of human beings’ endless capacity for destruction, Freakoid is a hilarious and rich  future-odyssey exploring one woman’s decision to make a stand for love, whether that makes her queer in the eyes of the world or not.

Ovalhouse are marking 50 years at theatre’s cutting edge with their spring season Counterculture 50, new work from Chris Goode, plus new commissions by Paper Tiger and Emma Adams along with five Counterculture 50 commissions, each reflecting and celebrating a decade of Ovalhouse’s history.

Ovalhouse, Kennington Oval, London, SE11 5SW

19 February – 9 March

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