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Artist Tom Hunter returns to East London

Tom Hunter

Acclaimed artist Tom Hunter is coming home to East London with a new exhibition in Dalston.

Hunter’s latest work will be shown at Print House Gallery and is taken using a pin-hole camera, exploring themes of inter-relatedness of the environment and life that takes place within it.

The show heralds the start of the season at Print House Gallery and follows on from Hunter’s contribution to the “Seduced by Art Photography Past and Present” at the National Gallery earlier this year.

Speaking about his new exhibition, Tom said, “These photographs are Earthly, here the word evokes the inter-relatedness of the environment to the life that takes place within it… Physical human situations, stories, people and places in-between. I have sought to express and explore a self-reflection and quietness through which one might transcend the immediate realities, pressures and distractions of contemporary urban society.”

According to Tom “My choice to make these photographs with a pinhole camera is critical. It has implications on various levels not only for the construction of the image but also the construction of meaning or interpretation around the image. The pinhole camera is an arcane technology, the most rudimentary of interventions with allusions to the pre and early history of photography. The pinhole camera has no shutter. It makes no sound. Its mechanism; the action of light ‘seeping in’ has the quality of absorbing not grabbing.”

The decision to exhibit Hunter’s work at this gallery exemplifies the social conscience of the gallery and the artist it showcases.

Print House Gallery differs slightly from other galleries. Whilst remaining a commercial gallery space at heart, it also exists to help the growth of social and creative enterprises.

In between major shows they engage with charity based organisations and education programmes supporting creativity.

Artists of all mediums are invited to exhibit beyond their gallery and make use of all the available blank canvas spaces throughout the building.  This includes Dalston Roof Park, a WW2 Bunker and a car park currently exhibiting work from the neighbourhood’s conglomerate of graffiti artists such as Dscreet and Ronzo.

Public Spaces, Public Stages by Tom Hunter, Print House Gallery, 18 Ashwin Street. London, E8 3DL.

22 February until 25 March. 9am – 5pm. Monday to Friday.


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